Justin Page Wood

Solo Piano Music

Clouds 2014

‘Clouds’ is Justin’s most recent piano record. It features 6 original relaxing piano songs, with subtle Japanese scale influences, simple melodies, and spacious sounds. It is the most melodic and simple album so far of his recordings.

December 2013

‘December’ is the second piano album by Justin Page Wood. It features five piano songs. This holiday solo piano music was written for Christmas time. ‘December’ features a variety of modern, new age, and jazz styles.

Grey 2012

‘Grey’ is Justin’s first full-length solo piano album. It features 10 original solo piano songs. The album contains styles of new age, jazz, classical influences, and improvisation. It was released in May 2012.

About the Music

Justin is a solo piano artist. He has been writing original solo piano music since age 12. In 2012, he released his first solo piano album, ‘Grey.’ It features 10 original piano songs. Justin blends jazz, classical, new age, and ambient influences. He recently finished his latest pano album ‘Clouds,’ which features 6 original piano songs. He is currently working on his 4th piano album, which is to be a Christmas piano record featuring interpretations of traditional Christmas hymns.


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