• Do I Need a Mobile Responsive Website?

    One of the trending movements in website design right now is mobile responsive websites. Mobile responsive website are simply websites that adapt the screen size you are viewing the site on. So, if you are on a cell phone device, the website will should be tall, long, and skinny. If you are on a small …

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  • Do I Need SEO for My Website?

    A lot of clients ask about SEO. Almost everyone who wants to build a website knows what SEO is, and wants it to be part of their website. But to do a very thorough and proper job, it takes a lot more work to do good SEO than it does to build a good web …

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  • Websites for Startup Businesses

    The best kind of website for a startup business is to simply get your website online as soon as possible. I’ve hand numerous clients who are starting up their business and want a website design, but want it to be perfect and complete before anyone ever sees it. I once had a client who spent …

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  • Do You Need a Custom Logo For Your Business?

    I stopped doing custom logo designs for clients recently. After designing of hundreds and hundreds of logos, I felt like it was really holding my start-up clients back from developing their business. Here’s why: No one cares about your logo Many of my clients get emotionally hung up on their logo. It defines their brand, …

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  • Why Use SquareSpace for Your Business

    SquareSpace is an incredible website platform. But it’s only right for certain types businesses. I’ve used SquareSpace for over 50 business websites for different kinds of clients. And there are some major upsides and downsides. Here are the major pros and cons I’ve learned from using SquareSpace for over 2 years. Pros It’s incredibly easy …

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